How to clean mug

Insulation Cup with precious material, good texture, energy saving, health and hygiene, product variety, widely used and other characteristics, by consumers. However, insulation mug cleaning problems are often neglected, the surface looks relatively clean, if you do not often clean, it may contain a lot of bacteria inside, like regular tea stainless steel mug will certainly have tea, and tea scale contains cadmium , Lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metal substances, seriously endangering our health.

Cleaning mug, not only to clean the cup mouth, cup bottom and cup wall should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, usually not often cleaned, may precipitate a lot of bacteria and dirt. However, when washing the thermos cup, it is not enough to simply rinse with water, it is best to use a brush to brush. In addition, because detergent is an important component of chemical synthesis agent, it is best not to use. To clean the cup with a lot of dirt or tea scale, squeeze the toothpaste on the brush, the toothpaste both detergents, and very fine friction agent, it is easy to wipe the residual material without damaging the cup body.

Unlike other ordinary cups mug, washing up more trouble, warm sun home tell you through the following types of light and healthy without chemical cleaning methods:

1, squeeze some toothpaste in the cup back and forth to wipe the wall

2, scrub with broken egg shell

3, with sponge dipped salt friction, can be easily removed

4, to add scrub potato skin, toothpaste brush can be coupled with the better.

Finally, rinse with water just fine, the most important is the safety of these clean economy can be assured, unlike the general detergent is synthesized by chemical substances, and to the oil effect is very good. Do not cover the lid immediately after cleaning, so as to prevent the mug from smelly.