Insulation cup instructions

1, Before using the new product, it is necessary to use boiling water (or scald with food detergent for several times to sterilize at high temperature.)

Insulated cup features and beautiful both

Insulated cup features and beautiful both

2, before use, please use boiling water (or cold water) preheat (or pre-cooling) for 5-10 minutes, in order to better insulation effect.

3, the water volume hurried over, so as not to tighten the lid, the water overflow burns.

4, please drink slowly when hot drinks, so as not to burn.

5, should not be a long time full of milk, milk valve products and fruit juice and other carbonated drinks.

6, after drinking, please tighten the lid, to ensure cleanliness.

7, should be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water diluted food detergent. Do not use alkaline bleach metal rape cloth, chemical wipes and so on.

8, sometimes inside the stainless steel cup will contain some iron and other substances contained in the rust and produce some red rust spots, warm water can be added to the diluted vinegar soak for thirty minutes, and then fully cleaned.

9, to prevent the generation of odor or stains, and can be used for a long time clean. After use, please clean it to fully dry.